Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Get Real

Yesterday I was privileged to see Esther Hicks channeling Abraham at a Hay House event in Sydney. The entire talk was about the Law of Attraction and how to manifest your dreams. It was right up my alley and despite claiming to practice the LOA I still struggle. Yes, yes, the law of attraction… you think something, the Universe sends it to you and you become rich and famous or find the partner of your dreams in an instant.

Except it never actually happens like that does it.

Or does it?

Tonight, I held my first Love Circle workshop at a new location (other than at my house which is where I've held the last 4, bar one at my neighbour's place). It was a fantastic evening filled with joy and love and beautiful yogic chanting and meditation.

Did I mention that I was the only attendee? Ahem, yes, The Love Circle was a 'flop'. So if the law of attraction is true then I must have attracted no customers right?

Spot on baby!

You might wonder why I feel elated about the fact I was the only one there as opposed to upset that nobody got to hear my message? Well, I still managed to have an amazing time for two reasons:

1. I got to sing some of my favourite mantras in a beautiful room, lit by candlelight with a gorgeous acoustic that made my voice sound angelic.
2. I realised that I must have manifested the exact experience I asked for which means I am finally getting this law of attraction thing! Yay!

In an attempt to explain, I'll tell you my story about tonight…

So, I started the Love Circle last December. One person came to the first session. I had a good feeling about TLC but all I was really ready for was one guest, hence only one person came. Great. The Universe always sends us whatever we ask for, we just get confused as to what we think we asked for and what we really asked for.

The following three sessions had between 4 and 5 attendees (including me) and were a great success in terms of numbers, as well as the fact everyone felt great at the end of the evening. Again, great. Every time I have manifested exactly what I was ready for. In my mind I could clearly see how the TLC was going to grow and slowly it will, but only when I am truly ready on all levels.

On the one hand I have an inner knowing that The Love Circle has great potential – that notion comes from my tapping in to Source and presents itself to me as an intuitive feeling. I just know. However, closer to the surface is my belief that I'm not ready to go out there and help my local community feel better about themselves. Who am I to do such a thing? I'm comfortable working with a few close friends but as soon as I dive into the great wide world, I fall flat on my face.

This is the strange dichotomy of life, right? We think we are in line with our higher self and can see, feel and taste how bright the future is. But right when the curtain is about to be drawn – revealing a theatre full of expectant faces smiling and cheering for us on the other side – we step onto a concealed trap door that someone (us) hasn't shut properly and fall face first onto the crash mat below the stage.


Red faced and confused (because surely we didn't leave that trap door unhinged?) we dust ourselves off and spend the next few days/weeks/years falling into the exact same hole. And, all the time we do this we are convinced we're asking the Universe for what we want!! Hilarious!

This is what I realised tonight at the Love Circle. It became as clear as daylight that I Asked For This. Because I'm Not Ready. Well, according to Abraham/Esther Hicks a better way to phrase that would be to say something like: "I am delighted to have regular opportunities to understand more about life and how to tap into Divine Source and become the creator of a bright new reality."

Still not with me? I'll go on…

There is one surefire way to know if the Universe is sending you what you asked for: look at your life. What is in your reality right now? Are you in a loving relationship (not me), are you earning the money you know you deserve and have the skills to earn (nope), do you live in the house or apartment that you dream of (nada), and is your life everything you ever hoped it would be (sometimes).

Yep, just as I thought.

If for example the things I think I want are: a loving relationship; a fantastic income that mirrors the great work I do; a beautiful seafront home; and a life that is a never-ending party of love and joy, but, if I don't have those things, there is only one reason why not. I must unconsciously be asking the Universe for something else.

After tonight's Love Circle I made a list that reflected where my life is at. Suffice to say, it didn't match the list above. It read more like a comedy sketch where the lead character is so deluded they think they are asking for a million dollars when in reality they have a sign stuck to their back that says "kick me".

If it wasn't for tonight's "no-show" experience I would still be walking around with that sticker on my back, oblivious to the fact the Universe is "kicking me" because I am unconsciously asking for it. I can now see exactly what I really am asking for and I fully intend to turn those thoughts around until every atom of my Being is in alignment with what I actually want.

I know this may sound convoluted so here's a summary. To put it simply, the way to get the Universe to answer your prayers and give you what you truly want is to identify if you have unwittingly stuck a Post-it note in your mind that is asking for the opposite to what you think you want. And if you are, that's OK. The great thing about Post-it notes is you can  easily unstick them. Look around at your life and assess which areas are not matching your greatest desires. When you see what they are, thank them for being there and make a conscious effort to think about the thing you actually want on a daily basis. Feel what it feels like to be, do or have that new thing.

Then let it go.

In my experience, identifying our "flaws" is about 50% of the way towards whatever it is we desire. The second half is realised when we "action" through conscious thoughts or taking action toward our goal. But as Abraham/Esther says it is our thoughts and feelings which manifest our dreams not our actions. So once you have identified any discord between what you want and where you're at, consciously think about what you want and leave the rest to the Universe.

Oh, and if after assessing your life and noticing that you don't have all the things you desire yet are still convinced you are asking the Universe for what you want. I have two words for you:

Get. Real.